Project Description

70% Improvement

to forward head carriage posture in just a three-month period

Postural Improvements

  • The forward head carriage improved from 10 degrees to 3 degrees, a 70% change.

  • The head tilt improved from 7 degrees to 4 degrees, a 43% change.

  • The right head translation was completely eliminated (previously 3 degrees)

  • The overall improvement in postural distortion was 58% in a 3-month period.

Before & After Photos


In Her Own Words

“I’ve not only found my experience with Dr. Kirschner’s work to be effective, I’ve also found it interesting.  I started appointments in the latter part of September, 2012.  By the middle of October, my persistent lower back twinges had been alleviated.  At the end of my first three months, the ache between my shoulder blades was completely resolved and the stoop that I had developed in recent years (guarded heart posture) was physically reversed.  This was a great relief to me in multiple ways, as I was starting to feel as if I was getting old before my time.

During this period another physical, yet unexpected, benefit occurred.  While undergoing treatment and for about 30-45 minutes post treatment, I would have coughing come up from deep in my lungs.  There was nothing expelled such as mucus, just penetrating coughs.  I noticed that this came and went over 2 – 3 months.  What was not immediately apparent was that I had somehow begun clearing some long term allergies to common chemicals (cleaning and other) and to certain foods, which I had in some cases life long reactions to.  I realize this is a bit strange, but it is what I experienced.

From 6 to 8 months of treatment, I began to intensely notice holding tension in my body.  I believe the tension was no different than I had ever experienced, but I was now able to have the body awareness to consciously bring it to light.  After 8 months, there was a marked reduction in tension in the body at rest.  In addition, I’ve noticed my system now releases tension more readily.  Stress and strain are processed and I am much more able to move on in a consciously aware fashion when life’s difficulties are faced. “

Jennifer C.