I am committed to supporting you and your family in experiencing a level of wellness that is beyond what you ever thought possible.

I will work with you to heal your spine, nervous system and body so you are able to respond effortlessly and with ease to whatever life throws at you!

In my many years in chiropractic I have experienced many many different techniques and healing modalities. I know from my own deep healing and that of the thousands of people whose lives I have touched that Network Spinal Analysis is the most powerful healing work available. I am proud and honored to share this life-changing work with you!

Dr. Jan Kirschner

In private practice as a chiropractor specializing in Network Spinal Analysis for 26 years, the past 20 of which have been in Boulder, Colorado

  • Association for Network Care, Founding¬†Member of the Board of Directors
  • International Network Teaching Staff –¬†Instructing over a Thousand Doctors Worldwide
  • Dartmouth College, Summa Cum Laude Graduate
  • New York Chiropractic College, Valedictorian of his Class

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Dr. Jan