“This work allows me to experience healing at a completely different level.  I am better able to listen to my body’s cues and ACT on those cues, rather than REACT to the world around me.”
Marci Shimoff, Best-selling author
“I used to get lower back spasms without warning, that would incapacitate me for days.  Now, as I approach my 62nd birthday, I am in the best shape of my life!”
Richard P
“I had an easy, comfortable and pain-free pregnancy, and carried twins to term, thanks to Dr. Kirschner’s care.”
Michelle A
“Nancy, my 91 year old mother, has been under the care of Dr. Tracy for 8 months. In the past she had suffered two strokes while in the hospital recovering from hip replacement surgery. She also has arthritis in the knees and sometimes walks with some major discomfort. In these last eight months, under Dr. Tracy’s care, she has noticed tremendous growth in her stability walking. Prior to working with Dr. Tracy, she had experienced several falls. Since then she has shown excellent improvement in her ability to walk smoothly and her overall flexibility. She has had no falls since. She has also noticed the development of a sense of well being and physical ease and has a wonderfully positive outlook on Life. Dr. Tracy’s practice has made the process of recovery much smoother and easier for Nancy, and brought her to a level of recovery that we once thought not possible. Thank you, Dr. Tracy.”
“I am feeling amazing!  I wish you the best, and have really benefited from our work together.  You are a gifted chiropractor.”
Rachel P
“After five months of treatment I was tested again with an overnight hospital stay for medical tests that would determine whether I needed another major surgery. Despite the potential for major emotional stress overload, I was able to cope very well. I attribute this ability to the work done with Jan.  In the five months of treatment my body has come a long way in it’s healing process, as is obvious in the spinal exams Jan performs. Thank you Jan.”
Randy R

“For years, I had a few minor back issues that did not seem to improve much with regular chiropractic treatment.  I had heard of Network Chiropractic from friends who preferred the more gentle and subtle approach, and the idea of “rewiring the nervous system” appealed to me.  After a half-year of Network adjustments with Dr. Kirschner, I began to notice some remarkable changes, besides a marked improvement in my posture and back health:  1) A ganglion cyst on my hand disappeared, 2) A post nasal drip of several years was gone, 3) My whole digestive system was working much better, 4) I had more energy and mental clarity”
Kersti F

“For the past 27 years, I’ve sought out the help of a vast array of modalities to assist in healing tension, pains and illness that I had, and continue to experience.  Some, if not all that I’ve tried has provided a short term relief or release of some tension or pain, but ultimately still feeling pain, tension, fatigue, and what felt like a gooish sludge. In three months with Dr. Kirschner, I’ve experienced unraveling in my emotions, releases and movements of interferences and trauma; I experienced unraveling in my nervous system where tension and numbness were released to actually feeling parts of my body again; I experienced unraveling in my muscles, joints, ligaments, and spine to having much more flexibility, movement, and pain reduction; I am able to breathe deeply, without  much resistance; I am able to processes colds and other viruses quickly; I am able to sleep through the night and feel rested; my joints don’t ache as much; my digestion is better, I’m not retaining as much water, I feel lighter, not as heavy or sluggish; have more energy, more joy and an easiness in everything I do.”
Mimi T